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Francolab is a free educational platform from TV5 and Unis TV aimed at French teachers and learners. It offers a variety of authentic short videos with accompanying educational resources that are easy to use in the classroom and adapted to independent study. With viewing features that help with oral comprehension, Francolab is a fantastic tool for improving your French.

Included :

  1. Clips from TV5 and Unis TV programs
  2. Short instructive videos
  3. Productions that represent Canadian Francophones
Discover our videos

Content offered

Complete, turnkey educational resources for each video: :

  1. Sheets

    Activity sheets and answer keys downloadable as PDFs or text files

  2. Interactive exercises

    A series of interactive exercises for learners to do by themselves.

  3. Vocabulary

    A list of difficult words and expressions for the targeted level of difficulty

  4. Transcriptions

    Downloadable transcription to help understand and use the video

Target audiences

Videos adapted to learners 13 and over and resources divided among three age groups :

  1. 13-15 years old
  2. 16-18 years old
  3. Adults


Five main objectives defined according to the needs of learners :

  1. Develop French skills

    To develop French skills (vocabulary, syntax, grammar, oral expression, writing, oral comprehension, written comprehension) for common, everyday topics like travel, culture, work, literature, art, sports, society, etc.

  2. Live in French every day

    To learn to live and get by in French in everyday life while you go about your business: grocery shopping, working, taking public transit, studying, finding an apartment, etc.

  3. Interact and communicate in French

    To stimulate the expression of ideas and the ability to express yourself emotionally and personally in a group setting with a spirit of cooperation.

  4. Explore Francophone culture

    Discover the world of Canadian Francophones and identify with Francophone culture through various provinces and territories, celebrations and traditions, communities, their history, folklore, well-known figures, etc.

  5. Show critical thinking

    To develop your ability to think deeply about societal topics, express your ideas and opinions, defend your arguments and understand complex societal issues.

Level of difficulty

Varied levels of difficulty to adapt to the various French programs in Canada :

  1. Beginner

    Activities aimed at extracting the essential information contained in the videos using visual elements and simple questions. The goal is to develop French oral comprehension skills while acquiring basic socio-cultural, vocabulary and grammatical concepts.

  2. Intermediate

    Activities requiring an elementary knowledge of French. The questions are aimed at improving your ability to understand more elaborate interactions and put into practice various linguistic concepts.

  3. Advanced

    The activities are aimed at people with a good knowledge of French. The objective is to improve your listening strategies, express yourself orally and in writing about various topics and better understand some socio-cultural aspects while assimilating more complex linguistic structures.

  4. Language of use

    The activities are aimed at learners whose language of use in everyday life, at school or at home is French. The content offered is intended to develop your ability to communicate and interact in a group and cultivate your critical thinking skills about societal topics.

Viewing features

As you view the videos, there are several features that help you use and understand them :

  1. 10-second fast forward or rewind

  2. Subtitles (can be enabled or disabled)

  3. Slower speaking rate

  4. Display of vocabulary words during viewing

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